Shower Tips for Healthy Skin in the Winter
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Shower Tips for Healthy Skin in the Winter

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A long, hot shower on a cold winter is just what we want to keep ourselves warm. However, the hot bath or shower can lead to the excessively dry skin. Hot water can remove the skin’s natural oils resulting in the dry and itchy skin. Therefore, it is important to avoid overly hot baths and showers. Here are some simple ways to safeguard the skin.

Keep it quick: Limit shower sessions to less than 10 minutes. Spending too much time on a hot shower washes oils away from the skin and can trigger skin problems.

Run the water warm: Avoiding hot water keeps the skin from getting too dry. Lukewarm water not too hot and not too cold is the most soothing.

Choose the right products: Avoid alcohol based and antibacterial options. They irritate the skin leaving it itchy and dry. Try gentle or a moisturizing cleanser.

Dry off gently: Gently dry the skin with a towel. Patting dry is recommended over air drying or rubbing. Air drying the skin allows the skin to lose the water moisture to the environment.

Apply moisturizer:  Applying lotion to the skin immediately after you towel off helps keep the skin healthy.

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