Harmful Effects Of Air Conditioning
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Harmful Effects Of Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning has become the perfect example of luxury and comfort. Use of air conditioning has soared. They are not only installed in homes, shopping malls, theatres, vehicles and workplaces but also in hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. They are used during both summers and winters. However, people are still not aware of its negative health impacts.

Studies have found various harmful health effects of air conditioning. Here are some of the negative health effects of air conditioning.

  • Dehydration

Air conditioning removes humidity and leaves the room cold and dry. Due to cold, you are less likely to consume water. Drink enough water to prevent from dehydration.

  • Dry eye

Air conditioning causes dry eyes causing irritation, itchiness and tearing of eyes.

  • Lethargy

People who work in air conditioned building complain of laziness and lethargy more often in comparison with people who work in natural ventilated space.

  • Headaches and migraine

Sitting in an air conditioned room for long period of time may cause constant headaches and migraine attacks. Another reason for headache is dehydration.

  • Respiratory problems

Air conditioning dries mucus in nose and sinuses resulting in respiratory problems. Respiratory problems also occur when the air conditioners are not cleaned properly and the filters are changed. Bacteria and fungi breed inside the air conditioning machine causing infections, such as pneumonia and Legionnaires disease.

  • Colds

Air conditioning leads to a sharp temperature drop which weakens immune system. Furthermore, poor air circulation in the air conditioned room can cause viral infections.

  • Asthma and allergies

Air conditioning may worsen asthma symptoms and cause allergies. If the air conditioners are not cleaned, it can lead to accumulation of dust and bacteria in the air circulating ducts which later on circulates infectious air causing skin irritations, redness of skin, itchiness skin allergy and worsening of asthma.

  • Skin problems

Air conditioning draws out moisture from your skin resulting in flaking, dry and chapped skin. Furthermore, it worsens the skin diseases, such as eczema and dermatitis. Moisturizer may be used to prevent skin problems when staying in air conditioned room for long period of time.

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