How To Prevent Hearing Loss?
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How To Prevent Hearing Loss?

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  1. Keep the volume low

Set the volume of personal audio devices to no more than 60% of maximum volume. Wear earplugs and earmuffs in noisy places ( nightclubs, discotheques, pubs, clubs). Well-inserted earplugs can help reduce the level of exposure to noise considerably.

2. Limit the time spent engaged in noisy activities

Limit the daily use of personal audio devices. Limit the use of personal audio devices to less than one hour a day which would help reduce noise exposure.

Stay away from the sound source, such as loudspeakers at noisy places.

3. Monitor safe listening levels

Use smartphone technology to measure noise exposure levels and inform yourself about the risk for noise-induced hearing loss from the personal audio devices.

4. Get regular hearing check-ups

Periodic hearing check-ups can help identify the onset of hearing loss before it is late.

5Seek medical help  in case of any ear problems, such as tinnitus, difficulty in hearing high-pitched sounds, difficulty in understanding speech, especially over the telephone or following conversations in noisy environments.

6. Do not insert any object into the ear.

7. If advised, use a hearing device as indicated.

Quit smoking if you smoke. Research shows tobacco can cause  hearing loss.

(The daily recommended safe volume level of any sound is below 85 decibel (dB) for a maximum of eight hours).

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