​  How to survive air pollution in kathmandu?
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​ How to survive air pollution in kathmandu?

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Is the air around the valley as healthy as it used to be? The air quality of kathmandu valley is deteriorating day by day affecting the health of the people. Uncontrolled emission from vehicles, increasing dust in the air due to underground Melamchi water supply project, never ending road extension and demolition, emission from industries and smoke emitted from brick factories are major factors contributing air pollution in the kathmandu valley.

Air pollution may lead to various health condition, such as chronic airways diseases, silicosis, skin allergies and even lung cancer. It is crucial to take necessary steps to put these health conditions away. Here are some of steps to survive air pollution in kathmandu.

Use a pollution mask

Wear a mask every time you step out. A mask should be good enough to filter all the dusts particles while you breath in. Normal masks are effective enough. However, vogmasks, metro mask, N95 or N99 pollution masks are recommended. They protect against particulate matter and help keep lungs healthy. Although they are expensive, they are worth using. A cheaper alternative is the venus masks available in nearby chemist shops.

Eat well

Eat balanced diet and keep yourself hydrated to ensure your immunity fight against the diseases. Immunocompromised people are more likely to fall sick.

Do not go out to exercise

Exercising outdoors these days have more disadvantages than advantages. The air pollution levels are so high that it poses serious health risks to those who exercise outdoors regularly in city areas. Instead stay home or go to gym that has an air purifier. Or you can exercise in places surrounded by trees and plants which are excellent sources of oxygen.

Stay away from construction sites

Construction sites generate high levels of dust typically from concrete, cement, wood and stone. The construction industry is a major source of pollution.

Trees plantation

Plants help purify the air and release oxygen in the environment.

Avoid travelling in open transport

Avoid travelling in two wheeler if possible. Instead use closed public transport or cars to travel.

Do not go out unprotected at night

The vehicles on the road are lesser at night but it does not mean the pollution is less. Do not go out without a protective mask at night.

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