Low Calcium Level May Increase Risk For Sudden Cardiac Arrest
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Low Calcium Level May Increase Risk For Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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Lower serum calcium levels, even within normal range, may increase risk for sudden cardiac arrest, a new study suggests.

Sudden cardiac arrest is fatal for more than 90 % of patients, and more than half of men and around 70% of women who lost their life to sudden cardiac arrest  have no clinical history of cardiac disease prior to this cardiac mishap. It is one of the leading causes of death in United States. Furthermore, it is reported that it kills more people than any single cancer.

The study revealed serum calcium levels were lower in people who had a sudden cardiac arrest than in a control group.

Researchers compared 267 sudden cardiac arrest cases with  445 control groups from the same geographical region with a diagnosis of coronary artery disease to match that among cases. All patients had had serum calcium levels checked within 90 days of the sudden cardiac arrest. In this study, sudden cardiac arrest was more prevalent in black patients, those with diabetes mellitus and those with chronic kidney disease.

While More studies need to be carried out to find out whether improving calcium intake will actually lessen the risk of an unexpected heart attack.

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