Diabetes Linked  With Brain Abnormalities
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Diabetes Linked With Brain Abnormalities

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Researchers found out obese diabetic people are more likely to have brain abnormalities. A group of 150 koreans between ages of 30 and 60 were studied among which 50 koreans were overweight with diabetes type 2, and 50 were normal weight individuals with diabetes type 2. They were compared with 50 healthy control participants.  All those with diabetes had been diagnosed within the previous 5 years and had not received  stable insulin therapy.

 Scientists performed magnetic resonance imaging( M.R.I), psychological tests of memory, reaction time and planning. Diabetic people scored worse than the healthy controls on tests of memory and reaction times. Being obese or having diabetes type 2 both have already been shown to increase the risk of dementia independently of one another in previous studies.

 M.R.I scans showed significant differences in brain areas related to memory, planning and the visual processing of information. Participants with type 2 diabetes had more severe thinning of the cortex and more white matter abnormalities in comparison with control group. Obese people with type 2 diabetes had even more brain damage that normal weight diabetic.

 Researchers are not sure about the reversibility of the changes. Findings suggest that when structural changes are seen on M.R.I. scan, the processes resulting up to them might have been going on for years. Diabetic people who have been maintaining good control of their disease, seem to have a slower rate of deterioration. The study highlights the need for early intervention aimed to lessen the risk factors for obesity or overweight in diabetes type 2 individuals to protect their brain structure and cognitive function.


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