Sugary Drinks Link To Speed Up Brain Aging
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Sugary Drinks Link To Speed Up Brain Aging

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A new study reports that sugary beverages consumption is  associated with markers  of accelerated aging and initial signs of Alzheimer’s. Researchers studied on more than 4000 people over 30, using M.R.I to examine their brains and psychological tests to measure their memory.  Well-validated food frequency questionnaires was completed by all of the participants.

Sugary drinks intake is an indirect measure of how much sugar we receive in our diets, which is troublesome to measure exactly. The study, in Alzheimer’s and Dementia discovered that on average, the more you consume sugary drinks, the lower the total brain volume and the lower your scores on memory tests.  Brain shrinkage is linked to the rise on risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

When comparing with those who did not drink any sugary beverages, those who drank one or two a day had a reduced brain volume equivalent to 1.6 years of  normal aging, and lower memory scores equivalent  to 5.8 years of aging. Those who consumed more than two had reduced brain volume equal to two years of normal aging and reduced memory scores by the equal to 11 years.

 The lead author, Matthew P. Pase, a senior research fellow at Boston University said that the cause and effect could not be proved. The data however, suggest that we should be cautious about sugary beverages consumption.

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