How to get good sleep?
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How to get good sleep?

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A sound sleep is very crucial for well being of a person. Sleep deprivation causes many negative impacts on person’s health. It can affect your mood, memory,and even cause chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, cardiac problems, etc. good night sleep is one of the key factor to improve quality of life. There are many ways to get good sleep. Here are some of the ways to get good sleep at night.

1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption late in the evening

Caffeinated products such as coffee, tea,  lowers the quality of sleep. Avoiding caffeine for 4 to 6 hours before bedtime will enhance good sleep. Caffeine is stimulant which keeps you awake. Similarly it would be better to avoid alcohol too close to bedtime. Although alcohol is believed to induce sleep, it acts as stimulant after few hours decreasing the quality of sleep.

2.      Limiting liquid before bed

Consumption of large amount of liquid before bed will increase bathroom trips at night which interferes your sleep.  Although hydration is significant, it would be better to limit  fluid intake late in the evening.  Using bathroom right before bed will help you to have uninterrupted sleep at night because you do not have to get up to go to bathroom in the middle of your sleep.

3. Avoid heavy meal before bed.

Finish your meal  several hours before sleep. Heavy meal right before your bedtime will end up making  you uncomfortable and difficult to fall asleep. However, eating carbs before bed may help you to sleep.  It is also believed that heavy meal not more hours before bed will also enhance weight gain.

4. Reducing length of daytime nap

Longer day time nap will worsen the sleep of night time sleep strugglers. However, short power naps are found to be beneficial in others. Therefore it is purely individual.

5. Exercise early

Exercise aids you to have good and sound sleep throughout the night. Exercise must be done at least 3 hours before your bedtime because exercise just  before sleep will cause problems in falling asleep in some people.

6. Comfortable beddings

Quality of sleep rely on the kind of the beddings one have. Comfortable mattress, pillow  will enhance good sleep. It is recommended to replace beddings in every 5 to 8 years.

7. Sleep inducing bedroom environment

A quiet , dark and cool room promote sound sleep. Furthermore, heavy curtains or eye mask to block light helps a lot. Keep the room well ventilated and comfortably cool enough to enhance sound sleep. Put any electrical appliances  such as computers, television, mobile phone away from the bedroom to promote sleep.

8. Go to bed when you actually are tired

If  you cannot fall asleep even after 20 minutes of trying, get out of the bed and do something relaxing such as reading books, listening to music until you feel tired enough to sleep.

If your are having sleep difficulties in spite of working on every possible measures, it is now  time to see a sleep specialist or physician.

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