Home remedies for common cold
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Home remedies for common cold

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Common cold is the viral infection of nose and upper respiratory tract which is usually harmless and is believed to be recovered within a week or 10 days. Nothing is going to cure common cold but some of the home remedies will make you feel better in short time. Medications are not supposed to cure cold. Here are some of the home remedies for common cold that makes you feel better in short period.

 Stay hydrated

Drinking warm fluid clears the congested throat. Moreover, it keeps you comfortable  clearing the airway. However, warm fluid such as tea or coffee just does the opposite (they dries the mucosa instead of making it moist). Warm fluid such as warm soup, warm drinks  helps a lot. 


Steam also clears the airway and makes you breathe easily. A steam machine will work the best to get some steam and help you to breath without difficulty. Or else a small pot may be used to boil some water. Go close to the pot with boiling water and tilt your head to get the steam inside you covering your head with a piece of cloth.  Be aware do not burn yourself. 

Keep some distance from the boiling pot. You may also add some herbs to the boiling water. However, water alone also does the best. 


Apply Vicks vaporub                                                                  

Vicks vaporub ointment is a mentholated topical ointment which when applied on forehead, chest and throat soothes you. Along with common cold it also relieves cough. 

 Adequate rest

During cold, body undergoes through immense tiredness. To overcome fatigue, rest is important. Make sure you do not pile up the work load when you have cold because it do not help you but only makes you feel more tired making your condition even worst. In addition to it, rest stores up your energy and protects you against other ailments.



Warm salt water gargle

Adding a  pinch of salt to warm water and gargling soothes your sore throat. It calms your irritated air passage which in turns makes you feel better.     

Common cold can not be cured in spite of medications but there is nothing serious to get worried. Home remedies such as taking warm fluids, steaming, applying vaporub, adequate rest  help a lot to make you feel good. Along with all these remedies, maintenance of personal hygiene is also plays a pivotal role to overcome common cold.

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