Nine Cardinal Signs Of Cancer
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Nine Cardinal Signs Of Cancer

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Nine Cardinal Signs Of Cancer


( C-A-U-T-I-O-N-U-S)

Cancer basically is abnormal growth of cells. There are 9 cardinal signs of cancer which should not be ignored at all.


Change in bowel and bladder habits

Any alteration in bowel and bladder habits needs to be addressed carefully. If your bowel habit is irregular that may be diarrhoea,  constipation, change in stool consistency or incomplete evacuation of stool, it might be colorectal cancer and should not be left unevaluated. Urinary urgency, frequency, painful urination or blood in urine may indicate prostate or bladder cancer.



A sore that does not heal

A sore which does not heal within expected time may indicate cancer.  A sore on the skin which does not heal with time,  is painful and also if it bleeds may be skin cancer. A long lasting scar inside the mouth  may be oral cancer.


Unusual discharge or bleeding

Foul smelling , excessive discharge from vagina , irregular or heavy menstruation in women are the signs of endometrial and cervical cancer.                                    


Thickening or lump in the breast or elsewhere

A lump in breast, testicles, lymphnodes and soft tissues in the body should be examined to rule out cancer. However, all lump are not cancer. Cancerous lump are hard, irregular in shape, firmly fixed under the skin. Although lump are painless, they should be discussed with health care provider.


Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing

Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing may be symptom of mouth cancer, throat cancer , oesophagus cancer or stomach cancer.  People tend to ignore indigestion and dysphagia  but if they occur  all of a sudden, they need to be consulted with health care provider.




Obvious change in wart or mole

If shape ,size  and color of a wart or a mole is noticed, healthcare provider should be consulted because it may be skin cancer.


Nagging cough or hoarseness of voice

Cough that does not go away in 4 weeks or persists even long , it may be lung cancer. Hoarseness of voice may indicate larynx cancer  ( voice box).

unexplained anaemia

anaemia may occur as a result of  some types of cancer such as bowel cancer. Cause must be find out if anaemia occurs without any  known cause.

Sudden weight loss


Unexplained weight loss occur in many cancer patient. If sudden weight loss occur without any known cause or without trying to lose weight, cause should be evaluated.  An unexplained weight loss of 5 kg or more may be first sign of cancer.


No matter how common the signs are,  health personnel should be consulted if they persists for long period.



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