Five Healthy Habits To Be Followed In Daily Life
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Five Healthy Habits To Be Followed In Daily Life

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Eat breakfast like a beggar and dine like a beggar

 Breakfast has a meaning in itself  ; to break the fast. Your body goes through fasting until you  get up and have something. Your body needs to get  recharged with energy again  after several hours of fasting ( sleeping).  It provides your body and brain with necessary fuel to keep your day going.  A healthy large breakfast keeps you full and energized till the lunch time.

 Your dinner should not be heavy because you are less likely to do any further activities afterwards. Evening meal should be at least 2 hours before your bedtime.


Exercise keeps you fit, makes your muscles and bones stronger; overall it keeps you healthy. People are super busy these days and are more prone to obesity and many other ailments.

 Enough sleep

Sleeping enough is another key elements to better health. Sleep deprivation may lead to different physical and mental diseases. However, people may not perceive sleep as the important factor of health life.

 Drink enough water

Water helps you to hydrate your body.  Moreover, it rejuvenate your skin. Body constantly needs water to function properly.

 Sun protection

Sun exposure is the main culprit for numerous skin diseases. So when you  expose yourself  to sun, apply  a good spf sunscreen, carry an umbrella, cover yourself with a protective scarf, etc.

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